In a Dark Place.

No place like home.

-The thralls of Typhon head to the village after resting for a few days. They don’t get far when they discover that there had been a group of adventurers looking for them, sent by Nym’s father. The messenger of the information was happy to spill his knowledge for the sparing of his life. He was, of course, scared the PCs would murder him too.

-After deciding on a detour, our “heroes” make their way down along the river so they can cross further out and unnoticed by the village guards. There, they are met by a fellow that goes by the name of Thurian (a half-elf). With a smile, he offers passage over “his” bridge at a price too steep for the three. Negotiations give way to a cheaper fare as long as the PCs agree to a friendly duel. Thurian’s charm proves too powerful for the PCs at first as he humiliates them in front of the laughing crowd that gathered just before the contest. All laughing halts abruptly as Thurian grabs his head, and falls to his knees, screaming. He allows a refund and a lifetime of free passage as long as there is friendship between the two groups.

-Kouric, Nym and Deanndra cross the bridge safely and head toward the village. Sneaking past the guards, they talk a local into showing them the living quarters of Albanon and Mariele Dawnfire; two Eladrin who have made their home in the material world among the Elves.


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